Yuno Gasai
Character intro Yuno
Universe Future Diary
Debut Future Diary (2006)
Appears in Smash Bros Lawl X
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Rival TBA

'Yuno Gasai is the main female protagonist of Future Diary series.


Standard B - Knife deflectorEdit

Hold down B and Yuno will swing around her knife

In this state, she cannot move Touching the front of her while she's doing this will cause damage

If a projectile hits the front of her while she's doing this, she'll deflect it however it will be deflected in a random direction

Side B - Rock distractionEdit

Yuno throws a rock. This will not damage any opponents it flies past but it may distract them. How long they get distracted depends on how low their IQ is

Up B - Glomp diveEdit

Yuno will jumps up and go down into a hugging dive

If she lands on someone, she'll be stuck on them unless the player presses something, the opponent repeatedly presses A to escape or if another opponent attacks. Escaping won't do damage to Yuno

Down B - Grenade threatEdit

Yuno gets out a grenade.In this state she cannot move and she cannot cancel the move

One of two things will then happen:

If an opponent attacks her, she'll throw the grenade at the opponent which will cause them 50%

However, by pressing B, Yuno can set the grenade off herself which will cause her and anyone near her 50% damage

Final Smash - God ModeEdit

In this state, Yuno controls like a much slower super Sonic

Anyone that touches the giant ball will receive damage

If Yuno can get the ball to land directly on top of an opponent, it'll KO them


Down Taunt- TBA

Side Taunt- (manic Laugh)

Up Taunt- BaaaKA!


Victory 1: I will protect you, Yuki...

Victory 2: (Holding Yuki with a knife)

Victory 3: (Laughs at the opponent through televisions)

Lose: (Facepalm)

Character DescriptionEdit


Role In The Subspace EmissaryEdit



Smash Bros lawl X Character Moveset - Yuno

Smash Bros lawl X Character Moveset - Yuno