Sora SBL intro
"Let's Go!"
Universe Kingdom Hearts
Debut Kingdom Hearts (2003)
Appears in Smash Bros Lawl X
Friends Riku
Jen Masterson
Guy Who Doesn't Like Green Eggs and Ham
Enemies Abridged Marik
Robbie Rotten
Rival TBA

Sora is the main protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series (Except Birth by Sleep and 358/2 Days) one by one combat, who is Sora have the Darkness form fighting most of the fighters is right hand man is been defend in the Remaining fighters.


Standard B - Drive FormEdit

Each form has it's own set of A attacks. His default form is Valour. Here his strength is doubled and inflicts twice as much damage as normal.

If he's gained 50% damage, he can use his Wisdom form. Here, his speed his doubled and his A attacks become shooting attacks.

If he's gained 100% damage, he can use his Master form. Here, he becomes invincible and won't take damage.

If he's gained 200% damage, he can his final form. He then has twice as much strength, twice as much speed, invincibility and the ability to do infinite jumps.

Side B - Slide dashEdit

Sora dashes to a random opponent.

No matter where the opponent is or what he's hit with, Sora will dash to the opponent without fail and follow up with an A attack.

If you use this move in the middle of a combo, Sora will finish the combo on the opponent he dashes to.

Up B - GravityEdit

Sora casts gravity on all the opponents.

For 10 seconds, all the opponents will not be able to jump.

This will disable most up b moves as well unless they don't necessarily require jumping such as grappling hook and Raku-chan's ear rape.

Once you've used it, you have to wait 30 seconds until you can use it again.

Down B - Ally summonEdit

Sora summons one of his two allies, Donald or Goofy.

You can only summon one at a time.

If you've summoned Donald, he will follow behind sora.

Press down B again and he will cast one of these four spells. Fire,Ice,Lightning & Cure

Which ever he uses is purely random.

If you've summoned Goofy, he will stay in front of Sora, protecting him from the front. Press down B and Goofy will charge forward harming anyone in his way.

He will only stop if you press down Bagain in which he'll return to Sora. Both of these guys are like SSE enemies and can be KO'd easily. Only then will Sora be able to use it again. This move is also disabled by form change. If you've used valour, you can't use Goofy. If you've used wisdom, you can't use Donald. If you've used master or final, you can't use either.

If they were already out as you've changed form, they disappear.

Final Smash - Sealing the key holeEdit

A key hole appears for Sora to seal stopping the darkness in that world. This will in turn, KO the opponent with the most darkness in their heart.


Down Taunt- say that again?

Side Taunt- you're bizarre...

Up Taunt- I bet you can't even fight!

Character DescriptionEdit

Role In The Subspace EmissaryEdit

Pallet SwapsEdit

  • Default
  • First Game Outfit
  • Valor Form colors
  • Final form colors
  • Timeless look
  • Concept Look


  • There was an error in Sora's neutral B that showed it cause damage than it should. It's been explained that taking off a 0 shows what the accurate damage would be.


Smash bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Sora-0

Smash bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Sora-0