Senator Armstrong
"They're nanomachines son!"
Universe Konami
Debut Metal Gear Revengance
Appears in Smash Bros Lawl X
Friends Stinkmeaner
Robbie Rotten
Abridged Marik
Enemies Unknown
Rival Unknown

Special Moves Edit

Neutral B - Football Tackle Edit

Senator Armstrong will charge forward, tackling the first person he comes in contact with. You can hold down B to charge the move, making the attack stronger and having Armstrong go faster. He is also able to turn around as he's running forward. The attack can be cancelled if he gets attacked, falls off the stage, or charges forward for 5 seconds.

Side B - Wall of Fire Edit

Armstrong will hold up his arm, charging the attack for 3 seconds. He will then slam down on the platform he's on, causing pillars of flame to sprout up in front of him until they reach the end of the platform, making a wall. The fire stays up for 10 seconds, and anyone touching it (besides Armstrong) will be damaged. Armstrong gains super armor during the initial charge, and the move cannot be cancelled. If the stage only has one platform, the pillars will only take up half of it.

Up B - Elbow Drop Edit

Armstrong will leap upwards, and then dive down elbow-first, knocking down anybody he hits. If you do this to an opponent already lying down, it'll deal twice as much damage.

Down B - Nanomachines Edit

Armstrong will enter a stance in which he uses his Nanomachines to continuously heal himself. The speed in which he heals himself depends on how "technologically advanced" the stage itself is. For example, on a stage like Ponyville, Armstrong won't heal that quickly. But on Muladhara, he'll heal very rapidly. This move ends when Armstrong presses B again or gets attacked from behind. Getting hit from the front does nothing.

Final Smash - Metal Gear Excelsus Edit

Armstrong will leap off of the stage, and a cutscene will play out where he pilots EXCELSUS. Entering from the side of the stage, you get a new moveset in this form:

  • B will have the machine's blades slam down, cutting anyone in the way.
  • Side B will have EXCELSUS fire its plasma cannons forward, before raising them upwards.
  • Up B will deploy a Gekko. It works similarly to an SSE enemy, but Armstrong can kill it with his other attacks.
  • Down B will have EXCELSUS stomp on the stage, burying anyone under it.

The Final Smash will last 10 seconds before it ends.


KOSFX 1; "Urgh!"

KOSFX 2; "Gah!"

Star KOSFX; "Don't you fuck with me"

Screen KOSFX; "Ohwah"

Taunts Edit

Up Taunt; "i'm not one of those belt-weight pansies "

Side Taunt; "Nanomachines Son!"

Down Taunt; "Played College Ball Y'Know"

Victory/Losing Options Edit

Victory 1; (Laughs) "Idiots"

Victory 2; "You Little Fuck!"

Victory 3; "They'll make America Great Again!"

Losing; (Stares with Meme)

Trivia Edit

  • TBA