Scott Pilgrim
Character intro Scott
Level Up!
Universe Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Debut TBA
Appears in Smash Bros Lawl X
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Rival TBA

Scott Pilgrim is a bass guitarist in Sex Bob-Omb, a floundering garage band.he (who falls for Ramona) must defeat the remaining six evil exes.


Standard B - Power sword Edit

Scott pulls a sword with the power of love out of his chest. If he's attacked before pulling it out, the move is cancelled. This sword gives Scott double strength and a better range from his A attacks. You can only use this move once per life. If you use this move on Scott's last life or on the last minute, it'll be changed to the power of self-respect. This mean Scott will twice as fast as well as strong

Side B - Cymbal throwEdit

Scott throws a drum cymbal forward. Aim it just right and it will put the opponent in a daze as long as you hit the opponent in the head.

Up B - Uppercut comboEdit

If this connects with someone, then you have 3 seconds to start a combo on the opponent by mashing the A button. This move ends if Scott or the opponent are damages while in mid-air

Down B - Epic counter attackEdit

For a second, Scott prepares for a counter attack. If someone attacks him, he will not only do a counter attack but also slow down time for 5 seconds

Final Smash - Sex Bob-omb amped up!Edit

Scott's band, Sex Bob-omb will show up for an amped up performance. As they play, They'll summon an Amp Monster to fight opponents. The monster can't be controlled, it will attack at it's own accord until the final smash ends.

KO's Edit

KO Sound 1: Help,Someone Help me!

KO Sound 2: AAAHHH!


Screen KO Sound: AGRH!


Down Taunt- Look I had it today, can we not do this right now!

Side Taunt- This is Boring!

Up Taunt- Can i have a autograph,Please?

Character DescriptionEdit

Role In The Subspace EmissaryEdit