Pinkie Pie
Pinkie pie SBL intro
Universe My Little Pony
Debut My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (2010)
Appears in Smash Bros Lawl X
Friends Fluttershy
Dan Vs
Enemies TBA
Rival TBA

Pinkie Pie is a hyperactive pony who loves throwing parties.


Standard B - Pinkie SenseEdit

Pinkie uses her pinkie sense. If she gets a twitchy tail, something will fall on a random opponent causing them damage.

If her ears start flopping, the first opponent that gets attacked after she does this will get dirty and will receive twice as much damage as normal for 10 seconds

If she gets a pinchy knee, the next opponent to get attacked will be shocked by it and will be paralysed for 3 seconds

If her shoulder is achy, gummy will appear on the field. He doesn't do much but anyone can throe him like a normal projectile

If she shudders, a big doozy in the form of a smash ball will appear Whatever sense she gets will be completely random. Each time she uses it, she has to wait 10 seconds to use it again

If she gets attacked before her pinkie sense is finished, the move is cancelled

Side B - CupcakesEdit

Pinkie Pie throws a cupcake.

Similar to The King's dinner, she throws it like a projectile but if she misses, there's half a chance it'll be a food item. However each cupcake she throws will represent the colour of one of her opponents.

How it works is if, for example, Konata ate a blue cupcake, it would heal her by 20%. If Stewie ate a blue cupcake though, it would heal him by 30% while causing Konata 30% damage.

The cupcakes won't come out in Pinkie's colour but she can still eat them.

Up B - Party CannonEdit

Pinkie gets into a party cannon. Similar to Hitler's up B, you can use the control stick to aim up or down and it will fire automatically after 5 seconds. When she gets fired, she will leave a trail of confetti and party items

If an opponent gets caught by this, they will blinded and their controls reversed for 3 seconds. This will also happen to anyone she crashes into after getting fired

Down B - Pinkie promiseEdit

Pinkie makes a Pinkie promise with one of the opponents.

After that if that is directly or indirectly responsible for causing any damage to Pinkie, she will get mad and blow the opponent up causing them 30% damage.

You can only use this once per stock.

Final Smash - 4th wall destructionEdit

Pinkie will grab her own character icon and throw it at the opponent.

If it hits the opponent, it will hit them so hard they'll fly out the game and into a random youtube video. Whatever video it is, it'll end up with them getting KO 'd.

If it misses the opponent, the final smash will and Pinkie will be without her picture meaning she can't use the final smash again


Down Taunt- Bet you can't make a face crazier then this!

Side Taunt- Are you coco in the loco?

Up Taunt- And then I said oatmeal? Are you crazy?

Victory OptionsEdit

Victory 1- (Flys off) WAHOO!

Victory 2- (In a mirror) And you were doing so well...

Victory 3- (Dancing with her tongue out)

Lose- (Crying with ocular gushers)

Character DescriptionEdit


Role In The Subspace EmissaryEdit

Pallet SwapsEdit

  • Default
  • Maud Pie colors
  • Cheese Sandwich colors with his shirt
  • Sonata Dusk colors



Smash Bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Pinkie Pie

Smash Bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Pinkie Pie