Guy Who Doesn't Like Green Eggs and Ham
"I do not Like Green Eggs and Ham!"
Universe Green Eggs and Ham
Debut Green Eggs and Ham (1960)
Appears in Smash Bros Lawl X
Friends TBA
Enemies Michael Rosen

Robbie Rotten

Rival Michael Rosen

Guy Who Doesn't Like Green Eggs and Ham also known as GWDLGEAH is a Character from Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham.


Neutral B - Hand CarEdit

GWDLGEAH gets on a hand car. At first, it will do nothing.To make it move, you need to keep pressing the A button repeatedly.It will start off slow but it will start getting faster the more you press it.You can't control what direction it goes in however, if it goes to the end of a ledge or a screen, it will automatically turn around.The move is cancelled by either pressing B or getting hit by a projectile.

Side B - DeniedEdit

GWDLGEAH waves his hands saying "no". While doing this, he can reverse attacks. With a Melee attack, he paralyses the enemy. With a proyectile, he reflects it. If it hits any of the other opponents, they'll get paralysed. The attack needs to be timed, and it'll do nothing if he gets attacked too late or too early

Up B - Secret EntranceEdit

Sam-I-Am pops up from the floor by a door under GWDLGEAH, throwing him upwards. If someone touches the door when it is open, they'll get damage too

Down B - The Cat's EggsEdit

GWDLGEAH summons other Dr. Seuss' character: The Cat in a Hat, who moves forward juggling some eggs and constantly saying "Eggs!". If someone gets caught in his dance, they'll get damage. Look out for not get stuck! You cannot use the attack again, until the Cat disappears.

Final Smash - Green Eggs and HamEdit

Sam-I-Am appears with the Green Eggs and Ham trying that GWDLGEAH eats them. He finally eats them, but he gets poisoned because they're obviusly rotten. While poisoned, he will slowly gain damage the longer he has it. However, you can pass the poison to other opponents, causing them damage. The attacks end when the poisoned opponent gets KO'd, or if you keep pressed B during 3 seconds.


Down Taunt- Fuck You!

Side Taunt- Yes! (voice as George Volcano)

Up Taunt- I Do Not Like You!

Character DescriptionEdit

In Green Eggs and Ham, Sam-I-Am tries to get GWDLGEAH to taste the strange-looking dish mentioned in the title, but GWDLGEAH refuses and tries to get away. Sam-I-Am, however, does not give and tries to get him to try some, but again GWDLGEAH refuses. When he falls into the water, GWDLGEAH finally gives in and agrees to try Green Eggs and Ham. After sampling the dish, he realizes that it's quite tasty and thanks Sam for letting him try it.

Role In The Subspace EmissaryEdit

Pallet SwapsEdit

  • Default
  • Book Yellow
  • Sam-I-Am colors
  • Dunkey Look


  • In the video, the KO sounds revealed Oggy and Alex Mercer for future movesets.
  • Since his source material is from 1960, The Guy Who Doesn't Like Green Eggs And Ham is not only the oldest Lawl X Character, but also the oldest character in general.


Smash bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Guy Who Doesn't Like Green Eggs and Ham-0

Smash bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Guy Who Doesn't Like Green Eggs and Ham-0