This Easter Egg is preformed by the Game Grumps


  • Danny Sexbang: So who's this guy?
  • Egoraptor: That's Serph. He's from Digital Devil Saga
  • Danny Sexbang: Iv'e never even heard of that game. Have you?
  • Egoraptor: No.
  • Danny Sexbang: Well then.
  • Egoraptor: All i know is that he shoots a lot and he turns into a monster that can freeze people so watch out.
  • Danny Sexbang: Got It.

Jen MastersonEdit

  • Danny Sexbang: So who this young lady?
  • Egoraptor: That's Jen Masterson.
  • Danny Sexbang: Ok. So What so special about her?
  • Egoraptor: I don't know. I think she's just an normal teenager.
  • Danny Sexbang: Are you serious? ha ha ha, what even is this tourament?
  • Egoraptor: I couldn't tell you man.
  • Danny Sexbang: Well I guess we'll just beat up a teenager and be with it then.


  • Danny Sexbang: Well you're the anime expert, know who this is?
  • Egoraptor: That's Konata Izumi from Lucky Star
  • Danny Sexbang: I can't quite tell how old she is. Is she like 10 or something.
  • Egoraptor: She's 17
  • Danny Sexbang: Get the fuck out of here Arin.
  • Egoraptor: She also shoots fucking laser beams from her eye so watch out for that.
  • Daany Sexbang: This is so weird.


  • Egoraptor: Hey look it's Stewie from Family Guy
  • Danny Sexbang: Oh shit! i'm excited to play this!
  • Egoraptor: Uh, i'm excited to play too.
  • Danny Sexbang: Oh yeah um-
  • Egoraptor: Pe-Pe-Peter
  • Danny Sexbang: Ah Ha Ha Ha
  • Egoraptor: Oh so sorry Peter. Pe-Pe-Pe-Pe Peter.
  • Danny Sexbang: Know who my favourite, uh, baseball player is?
  • Egoraptor: Who?
  • Danny Sexbang: Derek Peter
  • Egoraptor: A Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
  • Danny Sexbang: I'm just not a cheater
  • Egoraptor: Ah Ha Ha Ha
  • Danny Sexbang: I am not good enough at that voice to make that a repetitive joke
  • Egoraptor: You know who my favourite character from doug was?
  • Danny Sexbang: Who?
  • Egoraptor: Skeeter
  • Danny Sexbang: He He He
  • Egoraptor: By the way, beating Stewie will be so much sweeter.
  • Danny Sexbang: He He He yeah! Now you're getting it.

Angry German KidEdit

  • Egoraptor: Well there's the Angry german kid.
  • Danny Sexbang: Huh. I would have thought that guy would be in this twenties by now.
  • Egoraptor: I mean if the guys running this tourament can go to different worlds, who's to say they could travel through time as well?
  • Danny Sexbang: Arin, this whole thing is starting to sound like a weird sci-fi movie.
  • Egoraptor: Hey I'm the one that's completely blue and flying on keyboard though am I?
  • Danny Sexbang: Point taken.


  • Danny Sexbang: Jesus Christ, this guy's crazy.
  • Egoraptor: That's Stinkmeaner. He's a crazy old man that got taguht kung fu by the devil.
  • Danny Sexbang: Jesus, he's still ranting at us.
  • Stinkmeaner: Bitch ass Niggas!
  • Egoraptor: Look, we are not black, get your fucking insuits right!
  • Danny Sexbang: Yeah, we really need to make this guy shut the fuck up
  • Egoraptor: I'm right there with you man.


  • Danny Sexbang: What the fuck is that?
  • Egoraptor: That's Hitoshi
  • Danny Sexbang: Jesus Christ, Look at him!
  • Egoraptor: Ha Ha Ha
  • Danny Sexbang: He looks like he was drawn by a 5 year old
  • Egoraptor: It gets worse
  • Danny Sexbang: Look at his fucking chin! He looks like a children's art project that doesn't want to be alive
  • Egoraptor: Ah Ha Ha Ha
  • Danny Sexbang: I bet he sucks at fighting
  • Egoraptor: Hey look, don't talk shit about hitoshi ok? He will fucking destroy you
  • Danny Sexbang: Really Arin?
  • Egoraptor: Fuck No. Lets beat the shit out of him already.
  • Danny Sexbang: Ok Ok


  • Danny Sexbang: So what Dr Seuss monstrosity is this?
  • Egoraptor: I don't know. I mean I know who he is, he's from green eggs and ham but I don't actually knows name.
  • Danny Sexbang: Man he looks pissed
  • Egoraptor: Yeah this guy's like a master denier. He will not accept anyone's bullshit
  • Danny Sexbang: Well he can't keep denying forever.
  • Egoraptor: That's right, we just gotta keep attacking until he can't take no more.

Michael RosenEdit

  • Danny Sexbang: So who's this guy?
  • Egoraptor: That's Michael Rosen. He's a British author. He's also from our world!
  • Danny Sexbang: He's making some really weird faces over there.
  • Egoraptor: Is he talking to himself?
  • Danny Sexbang: Probably He's saying something about plumbs I Think?
  • Egoraptor: Oh yeah. He uses plumbs as weapons. look out for those.
  • Danny Sexbang: I mean how else would you use them?


  • Danny Sexbang: Geez, this girl's all over the place
  • Egoraptor: That's Tomo. She's really fucking hyper.
  • Danny Sexbang: I can see that, she needs to calm down for a second.
  • Egoraptor: Yeah. she's kind of annoying.
  • Danny Sexbang: Does she remind you of a certain blue hedgehog?
  • Egoraptor: I don't know what you're talking about.

Mr. BeanEdit

  • Danny Sexbang: That's Mr Bean isn't it.
  • Egoraptor: Oh yeah, it is.
  • Danny Sexbang: I feel kinda bad for beating him up I mean It's freaking Mr Bean.
  • Egoraptor: Yeah, but be careful though. i don't know how but that guy can really fuck you up.
  • Danny Sexbang: How so?
  • Egoraptor: He has this move that can paralyse you in someway. He can also blow you up with paint.
  • Danny Sexbang: Honestly. I think he's just causing damage by accident. He does not look like he knows what he's doing
  • Egoraptor: I don't think anyone in this tourament knows what they're doing.
  • Danny Sexbang: Good Point.


  • Danny Sexbang: Hey that's Sora form Kingdom Hearts.
  • Egoraptor: Hey it is
  • Danny Sexbang: Ugh, I don't need to hear about like following my dreams
  • Egoraptor: Eh he he he. The door you're about to enter contians the world's darkness and lightness within, that's split into two places.
  • Danny Sexbang: Ugh
  • Egoraptor: Heavy and not heavy
  • Danny Sexbang: Four more years of exposition.
  • Egoraptor: Actually, I kinda wander what getting by a giant key would even be like.
  • Danny Sexbang: I imagine it'd feel like being hit by a hammer let's just get on this already!
  • Egoraptor: Yeah. alright.

Robbie RottenEdit

  • Danny Sexbang: Who the fuck is this guy?
  • Egoraptor: That's Robbie Rotten.
  • Danny Sexbang: He looks like a weird mix between Waluigi and Jay Leno. Wait, he's the from that We are number one meme?
  • Egoraptor: Well actually he was also the guy that started the You are a pirate meme. Speaking of that, he can disguise as a pirate which changes his fighting style.
  • Danny Sexbang: Does he use any moves from We are number one?
  • Egoraptor: No.
  • Danny Sexbang: Why not?
  • Egoraptor: Because fuck you, that's why.


  • Danny Sexbang: Aww what a cute little pony
  • Egoraptor: Yeah from My Little Pony
  • Danny Sexbang: Aww what a cute drama causer
  • Egoraptor: So yeah that's Fluttershy she can stare at you hide in bushes turn into a vampire
  • Danny Sexbang: Sorry what was that last one?
  • Egoraptor: She turns into a vampire! i don't know why you think i watch the show?
  • Danny Sexbang: Ok geez

Abridged KaibaEdit

  • Danny Sexbang: This is a Yu-Gi-Oh character isn't it?
  • Egoraptor: Kinda this is the abridged version of Kaiba he's super rich and also kind of a dick
  • Danny Sexbang: Well it's not like being rich and playing card games makes him a good fighter right?
  • Egoraptor: You'd think but Kaiba's so rich he can use his money to screw the rules and turn invincible
  • Danny Sexbang: What? That's Bullshit!
  • Egoraptor: Yeah

Abridged MarikEdit

  • Egoraptor: So that's the abridged version of Marik from Yu-Gi-Oh
  • Danny Sexbang: God it's so weird seeing this anime-ass teenager then hearing what kinda sound likes Skeletor
  • Egoraptor: Ahahahaha! Yeah he's just kinda silly careful not to accidentally signs his contracts though or your name will be changed to Steve
  • Danny Sexbang: And?
  • Egoraptor: He can brianwash anyone called Steve
  • Danny Sexbang: Ok wait how can i accidentally sign a contract?
  • Egoraptor: Oh you know game mechanics
  • Danny Sexbang: What?
  • Egoraptor: Look let's just beat him already


  • Danny Sexbang: Oh great it's this fucking asshole
  • Egoraptor: Ahahaha!
  • Danny Sexbang: God he just has the most punchable face
  • Egoraptor: Oh yeah definitely so yeah you know Trip he's still trying to show us his italy photo
  • Danny Sexbang: What a fucking surprise god i know he's having to let everyone stay at his house but
  • Egoraptor: I mean his house fucking sucks like the decorations are just awful
  • Danny Sexbang: Not only that but they didn't even have a TV we had to bring our own in
  • Egoraptor: Yeah recording Game Grumps episodes there is a nightmare
  • Danny Sexbang: Think it's time he needs to leave the stage?
  • Egoraptor: Yeah we'll be fine when he just goes

Mabel PinesEdit

  • Danny Sexbang: Aww it's that a girl that knitted sweaters for everyone
  • Egoraptor: That's Mabel and she is 12 years old or is it 13?
  • Danny Sexbang: Yeah why are we being made to beat up a child?
  • Egoraptor: I wouldn't underestimate her Dan she's got a grappling hook and a sweater that's electric
  • Danny Sexbang: Yeah and I have a guitar that shoots electric that still doesn't make this ok
  • Egoraptor: Eh she's probaly fought worse like one time she and her bro came across this dating sim girl that was secretly sentient and evil
  • Danny Sexbang: Boy where have i heard that before?

Pinkie PieEdit

  • Danny Sexbang: Umm
  • Egoraptor: Yeah so that's Pinkie Pie i don't really know what to say about her
  • Danny Sexbang: She's kinda cute but at the same time something about her just unsettles me like how do any of her moves work?
  • Egoraptor: Umm pony magic?
  • Danny Sexbang: Sure let's with that


  • Egoraptor: What the Fuck?!
  • Danny Sexbang: Is that us?
  • Egoraptor: What the Fuck?!
  • Danny Sexbang: They're gotta be just guys in costumes right?
  • Egoraptor: I don't know but i am freaking out here Dan! This is not cool!
  • Danny Sexbang: Man they look exactly like us maybe they're robots though the way they're acting just doesn't seem natural
  • Egoraptor: Maybe but Dan what if we're the fakes one and they're the real one
  • Danny Sexbang: Arin that's crazy talk
  • Egoraptor: It could be true i mean how would we know we might here memories
  • Danny Sexbang: Arin look they're just standing there starting off into space that's not a natural thing to do
  • Egoraptor: Yeah i guess you got a point here
  • Danny Sexbang: This is really weird but i guess we gotta beat them
  • Egoraptor: I guess so


  • Danny Sexbang: Arin this girl's scaring this shit outta me
  • Egoraptor: Uhhhh shit
  • Danny Sexbang: Arin?
  • Egoraptor: Sorry what?
  • Danny Sexbang: Arin help me out i don't know anything about this girl
  • Egoraptor: Um that's Yuno she's a yandere basically she won't stop until she's murdered everyone so yeah good luck with that
  • Danny Sexbang: Arin you piece of shit help me out of here!
  • Egoraptor: Are you fucking kidding me?
  • Yuno: Are you two talking about me?
  • Egoraptor and Danny Sexbang: AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!


  • Danny Sexbang: Hey isn't it guy from Spongebob?
  • Egoraptor: Oh yeah it's where his face Plankton
  • Danny Sexbang: Geez these guys just get worse and worse as they go on
  • Egoraptor: Hey at least we don't have to fight some random boring guy that nobody even knows or cares about
  • Danny Sexbang: That is true so i bet his food stinks right?
  • Egoraptor: Oh yeah stay away from that this food tastes like abunch of poopy ass dicks
  • Danny Sexbang: Ha ha oh god let's not start that again

Scott PilgrimEdit

  • Egoraptor: Oh hey it's Scott Pilgrim!
  • Danny Sexbang: Yeah but isn't it just Michael Cera dressed up as Scott Pilgrim?
  • Egoraptor: Um i don't know actually he seems pretty covinced he'd Scott Pilgrim?
  • Danny Sexbang: Huh this competition is weird
  • Egoraptor: Tell me about it so i guess this means he fights like a video game character?
  • Danny Sexbang: Yeah better watch out for his uppercuts and counter attacks and other shit
  • Egoraptor: Got it

Karl PilkingtonEdit

  • Danny Sexbang: So who is this guy?
  • Egoraptor: You know i actually have no idea
  • Danny Sexbang: Well then what are we meant to talk about
  • Ricky Gervais: I can help you that
  • Egoraptor: *gasp* Ricky Gervais?
  • Ricky Gervais: I thought it'd be nice for you to get to know him a little bit better this is Karl Pilkington look at his little roundy baldy mankey head
  • Danny Sexbang: He is indeed bald
  • Egoraptor: And round
  • Ricky Gervais: He is a man with no qualification very little education but who is now known the world ever as a sheaven chimp with a head like a fucking orange
  • Egoraptor: So basically he's a fucking idiot
  • Ricky Gervais: Yes
  • Danny Sexbang: Right well thanks for help Ricky and we'll see you later
  • Ricky Gervais: Bye


  • Danny Sexbang: Oh hey it's Peridot
  • Egoraptor: Oh hey it is i love using clod
  • Danny Sexbang: Clod is good
  • Egoraptor: Which aw who called me a clod the other day and i was like where did you get that? Eh he he it's like it's my wo-you can't have that!
  • Danny Sexbang: I remember the first time you were like you fucking clod and i was like i know it shouldn't hurt but
  • Egoraptor: Eh he he he
  • Danny Sexbang: It really does sting the fact that you would being a name like a word out of retirement just to insuit me
  • Egoraptor: Because it's fucking it's a great word it has a such fucking hit to it
  • Danny Sexbang: Yeah it is pretty
  • Egoraptor: CLOD!


  • Danny Sexbang: Arin there's a small alien screaming at us
  • Egoraptor: Oh shit it's Zim!
  • Danny Sexbang: Zim?
  • Egoraptor: He was on a show on Nickelodeon like most shows on Nickelodeon it got cancelled after two seasons he's got a huge cult fanbase though
  • Danny Sexbang: No Shit?
  • Egoraptor: Yeah carful though his weird alien tech can really fuck you up i think he might even try to steal our organs
  • Danny Sexbang: Well that just sounds wonderful


  • Danny Sexbang: Arin there's a giant lemon screaming at us!
  • Egoraptor: That's Lemongrab He's a lot of things
  • Danny Sexbang: Like what?
  • Egoraptor: Well he owns his own kingdom full of other screaming monstrosities
  • Danny Sexbang: Fantasic lets make sure to never go there
  • Egoraptor: Just be careful not to get too close beacuse this guy can really fuck with your senses
  • Danny Sexbang: Close? im' already going death just sitting here!
  • Egoraptor: Yeah but well you know what i mean

Ruby RoseEdit

  • Danny Sexbang: What is this? little red riding hood or something?
  • Egoraptor: That's Ruby Rose she's a huntress that used to study at beacon academy to fight these monsters from her world called grimm
  • Danny Sexbang: Doesn't she's study there any more? she seems a little young to graduate
  • Egoraptor: Well shit happened and now she's not i'm not spoiling it
  • Dany Sexbang: You kinda already have
  • Egoraptor: Oh whoops
  • Danny Sexbang: He He He
  • Egoraptor: Also her weapon is both a sniper rilfe and a scythe so watch out for when she changes it
  • Danny Sexbang: Of Course her weapon is a scythe and a sniper rilfe why wouldn't it be?


  • Danny Sexbang: Oh Shit it's Deadpool
  • Egoraptor: Oh fuck i'm gonna pre Dan
  • Danny Sexbang: Ahaha oh god
  • Egoraptor: I'm gonna fucking pre!
  • Danny Sexbang: Alright sow how we meant to fight this guy?
  • Egoraptor: I don't know do you know how to beat Deadpool?
  • Danny Sexbang: Oh man it's a good thing this tournament doesn't work like real life because half of these guy would have fucking murdered us
  • Egoraptor: Yeah we kinda just explode when the camera isn't on us then we're back somehow
  • Danny Sexbang: I still don't know how that works
  • Egoraptor: It's Probably for the best

Senator Armstrong Edit

  • Danny Sexbang: Great we're fighting a politician this won't cause any controversy
  • Egoraptor: Forget the controversy it's batshit insane how strong Senator Armstrong is
  • Danny Sexbang: How is he that strong?
  • Egoraptor: Nanomachines son!
  • Danny Sexbang: A super powered politician can this tournament get any weirder?

Gordon Ramsay Edit

  • Egoraptor: It's Chef Gordon Ramsey!
  • Danny Sexbang: I've eaten this!
  • Egoraptor: It's frooooozeeeen!
  • Danny Sexbang: This chicken has so much oil the US tried to invade it!
  • Egoraptor: It's rotteeeen!
  • Danny Sexbang: Oh my god i love thoses memes those are the best

Lucy Loud Edit

  • Danny Sexbang: Oh so what kind of small child are we beating up today?
  • Egoraptor: That's Lucy she's goth as hell
  • Danny Sexbang: She really is
  • Egoraptor: it's like Lucy with her black clothes and
  • Danny Sexbang: Ugh fine i'll fight or whatever
  • Egoraptor: Ugh
  • Danny Sexbang: God mom god!
  • Egoraptor: God why do you always try to make me like Steve?
  • Danny Sexbang: Ha ha ha
  • Egoraptor: He's not our dad
  • Danny Sexbang: Hahaha he's definitely not your dad
  • Egoraptor: Aheh could be if you cared more about my interests!
  • Danny Sexbang: Hehe what the fuck you?
  • Egoraptor: I'm making goth kid jokes alright?
  • Danny Sexbang: Yeah
  • Egoraptor: Gosh
  • Danny Sexbang: Goth
  • Egoraptor: Hehehe
  • Danny Sexbang: Goth darn it

Dr. Rabbit Edit

Hades Edit



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