This Easter Egg is preformed by the Game Grumps


  • Danny Sexbang: So who's this guy?
  • Egoraptor: That's Serph. He's from Digital Devil Saga
  • Danny Sexbang: Iv'e never even heard of that game. Have you?
  • Egoraptor: No.
  • Danny Sexbang: Well then.
  • Egoraptor: All i know is that he shoots a lot and he turns into a monster that can freeze people so watch out.
  • Danny Sexbang: Got It.

Jen MastersonEdit

  • Danny Sexbang: So who this young lady?
  • Egoraptor: That's Jen Masterson.
  • Danny Sexbang: Ok. So What so special about her?
  • Egoraptor: I don't know. I think she's just an normal teenager.
  • Danny Sexbang: Are you serious? ha ha ha, what even is this tourament?
  • Egoraptor: I couldn't tell you man.
  • Danny Sexbang: Well I guess we'll just beat up a teenager and be with it then.


  • Danny Sexbang: Well you're the anime expert, know who this is?
  • Egoraptor: That's Konata Izumi from Lucky Star
  • Danny Sexbang: I can't quite tell how old she is. Is she like 10 or something.
  • Egoraptor: She's 17
  • Danny Sexbang: Get the fuck out of here Arin.
  • Egoraptor: She also shoots fucking laser beams from her eye so watch out for that.
  • Daany Sexbang: This is so weird.


  • Egoraptor: Hey look it's Stewie from Family Guy
  • Danny Sexbang: Oh shit! i'm excited to play this!
  • Egoraptor: Uh, i'm excited to play too.
  • Danny Sexbang: Oh yeah um-
  • Egoraptor: Pe-Pe-Peter
  • Danny Sexbang: Ah Ha Ha Ha
  • Egoraptor: Oh so sorry Peter. Pe-Pe-Pe-Pe Peter.
  • Danny Sexbang: Know who my favourite, uh, baseball player is?
  • Egoraptor: Who?
  • Danny Sexbang: Derek Peter
  • Egoraptor: A Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
  • Danny Sexbang: I'm just not a cheater
  • Egoraptor: Ah Ha Ha Ha
  • Danny Sexbang: I am not good enough at that voice to make that a repetitive joke
  • Egoraptor: You know who my favourite character from doug was?
  • Danny Sexbang: Who?
  • Egoraptor: Skeeter
  • Danny Sexbang: He He He
  • Egoraptor: By the way, beating Stewie will be so much sweeter.
  • Danny Sexbang: He He He yeah! Now you're getting it.

Angry German KidEdit

  • Egoraptor: Well there's the Angry german kid.
  • Danny Sexbang: Huh. I would have thought that guy would be in this twenties by now.
  • Egoraptor: I mean if the guys running this tourament can go to different worlds, who's to say they could travel through time as well?
  • Danny Sexbang: Arin, this whole thing is starting to sound like a weird sci-fi movie.
  • Egoraptor: Hey I'm the one that's completely blue and flying on keyboard though am I?
  • Danny Sexbang: Point taken.


  • Danny Sexbang: Jesus Christ, this guy's crazy.
  • Egoraptor: That's Stinkmeaner. He's a crazy old man that got taguht kung fu by the devil.
  • Danny Sexbang: Jesus, he's still ranting at us.
  • Stinkmeaner: Bitch ass Niggas!
  • Egoraptor: Look, we are not black, get your fucking insuits right!
  • Danny Sexbang: Yeah, we really need to make this guy shut the fuck up
  • Egoraptor: I'm right there with you man.


  • Danny Sexbang: What the fuck is that?
  • Egoraptor: That's Hitoshi
  • Danny Sexbang: Jesus Christ, Look at him!
  • Egoraptor: Ha Ha Ha
  • Danny Sexbang: He looks like he was drawn by a 5 year old
  • Egoraptor: It gets worse
  • Danny Sexbang: Look at his fucking chin! He looks like a children's art project that doesn't want to be alive
  • Egoraptor: Ah Ha Ha Ha
  • Danny Sexbang: I bet he sucks at fighting
  • Egoraptor: Hey look, don't talk shit about hitoshi ok? He will fucking destroy you
  • Danny Sexbang: Really Arin?
  • Egoraptor: Fuck No. Lets beat the shit out of him already.
  • Danny Sexbang: Ok Ok


  • Danny Sexbang: So what Dr Seuss monstrosity is this?
  • Egoraptor: I don't know. I mean I know who he is, he's from green eggs and ham but I don't actually knows name.
  • Danny Sexbang: Man he looks pissed
  • Egoraptor: Yeah this guy's like a master denier. He will not accept anyone's bullshit
  • Danny Sexbang: Well he can't keep denying forever.
  • Egoraptor: That's right, we just gotta keep attacking until he can't take no more.

Michael RosenEdit

  • Danny Sexbang: So who's this guy?
  • Egoraptor: That's Michael Rosen. He's a British author. He's also from our world!
  • Danny Sexbang: He's making some really weird faces over there.
  • Egoraptor: Is he talking to himself?
  • Danny Sexbang: Probably He's saying something about plumbs I Think?
  • Egoraptor: Oh yeah. He uses plumbs as weapons. look out for those.
  • Danny Sexbang: I mean how else would you use them?


  • Danny Sexbang: Geez, this girl's all over the place
  • Egoraptor: That's Tomo. She's really fucking hyper.
  • Danny Sexbang: I can see that, she needs to calm down for a second.
  • Egoraptor: Yeah. she's kind of annoying.
  • Danny Sexbang: Does she remind you of a certain blue hedgehog?
  • Egoraptor: I don't know what you're talking about.

Mr. BeanEdit

  • Danny Sexbang: That's Mr Bean isn't it.
  • Egoraptor: Oh yeah, it is.
  • Danny Sexbang: I feel kinda bad for beating him up I mean It's freaking Mr Bean.
  • Egoraptor: Yeah, but be careful though. i don't know how but that guy can really fuck you up.
  • Danny Sexbang: How so?
  • Egoraptor: He has this move that can paralyse you in someway. He can also blow you up with paint.
  • Danny Sexbang: Honestly. I think he's just causing damage by accident. He does not look like he knows what he's doing
  • Egoraptor: I don't think anyone in this tourament knows what they're doing.
  • Danny Sexbang: Good Point.


  • Danny Sexbang: Hey that's Sora form Kingdom Hearts.
  • Egoraptor: Hey it is
  • Danny Sexbang: Ugh, I don't need to hear about like following my dreams
  • Egoraptor: Eh he he he. The door you're about to enter contians the world's darkness and lightness within, that's split into two places.
  • Danny Sexbang: Ugh
  • Egoraptor: Heavy and not heavy
  • Danny Sexbang: Four more years of exposition.
  • Egoraptor: Actually, I kinda wander what getting by a giant key would even be like.
  • Danny Sexbang: I imagine it'd feel like being hit by a hammer let's just get on this already!
  • Egoraptor: Yeah. alright.

Robbie RottenEdit

  • Danny Sexbang: Who the fuck is this guy?
  • Egoraptor: That's Robbie Rotten.
  • Danny Sexbang: He looks like a weird mix between Waluigi and Jay Leno. Wait, he's the from that We are number one meme?
  • Egoraptor: Well actually he was also the guy that started the You are a pirate meme. Speaking of that, he can disguise as a pirate which changes his fighting style.
  • Danny Sexbang: Does he use any moves from We are number one?
  • Egoraptor: No.
  • Danny Sexbang: Why not?
  • Egoraptor: Because fuck you, that's why.


Abridged KaibaEdit

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