Abridged Marik
AMarik SBL intro
Binky boy!
Universe Yu-GI-Oh Abridged series
Debut Yu-GI-Oh Abridged series (2006)
Appears in Smash Bros Lawl X
Friends Abridged Bakura
Enemies Abridged Yugi
Rival TBA

Abridged Marik is based on the canon Marik Ishtar. Faithful to his dub counterpart, he is a sadistic and childish villain who wants to conquer the world, but is portrayed as much more innocent and naive than his anime counterpart.


Standard B - The Steve ContractEdit

Marik gets out a contract. With the contract out, he is unable to move at all. Press B to cancel the move. If anyone attacks him in this state, that opponent's name is changed to Steve on his or her HUD. This means that if the opponent attacks Marik the damage will be halved from what it would normally be. It also makes the opponent lowest on IQ. There is also half a chance attacking him will stupidly cause damage to him/herself but only by 1% damage. If Marik uses this move again, he will force the Steve opponent to do his/her Neutral B. It can still Marik though by only 1% damage. Only one opponent can be renamed Steve though.

Side B - Break DanceEdit

Marik forces the Steve contract to break dance. Be careful because if anyone attacks the break dancing opponent the Steve contract will be broken.

Up B - Mr TweetumsEdit

Like Medic's Up B, he holds on to a bird to fly him up. However, letting go sends the bird homing to a random opponent causing them damage. If anyone's under the Steve Contract, the bird will automatically home in on them.

Down B - Fangirl ServiceEdit

Marik takes of his shirt for a second. Like Belmont's Head Over Heals, its basically a reversed horniness move. Characters will low horniness will be turned on the most while ones with high horniness won't be turned on for long. If he uses this move on opponents like Fluttershy with absolutely no horniness at all this move is useless. Anyone under the Steve Contract will be turned on for twice as long as usual. Like Break Dance though, if he attack them in this state, the Steve Contract will be broken. Unlike Break Dance, this only happens if Marik attacks. Attacking the opponent as someone else won't affect the contract.

Final Smash- MelvinEdit

Marik will turn into Melvin making him invincible, do infinity jumps and doubles his normal speed. He'll also get out a chainsaw. Anyone dumb enough to touch gets instantly KO'd. If Melvin gets KO'd, it won't affect Marik's stocks. Melvin will stay like this for 30 seconds before switching back to Marik.


Up Taunt- "Ooh, Yugi. You must summon the Geltic Guardian."

Side Taunt- "Ignore me!"

Down Taunt- "Eh he, foxy boxes"

Character DescriptionEdit


Role In The Subspace EmissaryEdit



Smash bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Abridged Marik-0

Smash bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Abridged Marik-0